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If you want to set up a projector in a room, there are multiple things you need to consider. The size, acoustics, and lighting of the room are just as important as the projection screen and projector itself.

It’s not as simple as just placing the projector on a desk or ceiling and turning it on. You also have to make sure the settings are configured correctly before beginning the projection session.

Before you can give a presentation, you must take care of some specific configurations. For example, you need to put the optimal settings before beginning the projection session.

It is critical that the picture fits perfectly on the projection screen, which can take some time and effort if the projector is not intelligent enough to do that on its own.

Luckily, most modern-day projectors have certain automatic features that make using the device easier. One such intuitive functionality is “auto keystone.”So, what is “XGIMI Projector Auto Keystone?” Does it help with picture alignment, or is it meant to do something else?

Projector manufacturers have to be careful when implementing a new feature. It is important to know how XGIMI goes about it before making any decisions. Some people might be interested in learning about this process, so keep reading for more information

What is Auto Keystone?

Auto Keystone is a new technology of XGIMI Projector. It can automatically recognize the image and project it in the right size and angle. Auto Keystone can help users to avoid the complicated and inconvenient operation of traditional projector.

The Keystone effect can be corrected by 1-3% in projector brands, and it is not adjustable. As a result, the projected image is not a rectangle.

In the past, users need to manually adjust the size and angle of the projected image to remove the Keystone effect by hand, which is troublesome and laborious.(Did you check our latest post about What is the Best Portable Projector For Presentations?)

How Auto Keystone works?

The XGIMI AM devices use Auto Keystone, which means the projector will adjust the image on the screen when it is turned on, or is being adjusted manually. Auto Keystone is a built-in feature available on many projectors these days.watch video

It usually works by adjusting the image when a certain change in angle of the projector is detected. The projector will automatically make the necessary adjustments to the image when the adjustments are made. Most of the time, this feature is automatic, and does not require any adjustment on the users part.

You should be able to use the automatic keystone adjustments to fine tune the image. The Auto Keystone feature can also be used to correct for any issues that may arise with the projector.

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Everything you need to know about XGIMI’s Auto Keystone Functionality:

XGIMI’s Auto Keystone is a nifty little feature that automatically adjusts the keystone of your projector to ensure that your image is always properly aligned.

This is especially useful if you frequently move your projector around, as it ensures that you won’t have to fiddle with the keystone settings every time you set it up.

To use the Auto Keystone feature, simply enable it in the projector’s menu. Once it’s enabled, the projector will automatically adjust the keystone whenever it’s moved.

You can also adjust the amount of keystone correction that the projector applies, which can be useful if you want to fine-tune the alignment of your image.

Overall, the Auto Keystone feature is a great way to make sure that your image is always properly aligned, without having to fiddle with the projector’s settings every time you set it up.

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XGIMI Projector auto keystone going wrong?

This is what I did to fix XGIMI projector keystone issue: I’ve found that in my case, the problem was with the HDMI cable.

After i had used the projector for some time, the HDMI cable was hot. I changed it for another one, the problem was gone. Now back using the other one, everything is good again.

Do all portable projectors have auto keystone?

All portable projectors are designed with auto keystone features which corrects for any non-square image. This doesn’t mean you can’t manually adjust the image, since the projector can’t read the surface that you are projecting on.

It also doesn’t mean that keystone is the only image correction feature that portable projectors have.

“Manual image correction”can also be done by tilting and/or turning the projector. Projectors are also designed to have keystone correction and manual image correction, so you don’t compromise, no matter what the situation is.

Final thinking:

So, we hope that you have found the article on XGIMI projector auto keystone best ultimade guide helpful and we hope you have been able to decide if it is the right product for you or not.

We have tried to make it as informative as possible to ensure that you get a good idea of what to expect from XGIMI projector auto keystone best ultimade guide.

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