What is Interactive Projector? Everything You Need to Know

Are you tired of presenting your thoughts in the classroom or conference room with the standard chalkboard and chalk? Erasing and rewriting repeatedly might take time and be less interesting for the audience as well as the presenter.

Thank goodness, an interactive projector offers a creative alternative. A standard projector’s functionality is combined with interactive technology in an interactive projector, which enables you to engage with the content being displayed.

So how does a projector that is interactive operate? It tracks your motions and interactions using cutting-edge sensing technology like infrared or laser. An interactive display is created when a projector shows an image onto a surface, like a wall or a whiteboard.

Similar to how you would on a touchscreen device, you can interact with the projected content with your fingers, a stylus, or even special pens. There are countless opportunities for presentations, lectures, and group projects with this interactive capabilities.

In this article, we will discuss what is interactive projector is, how it works, its benefits, and much more..

What is Interactive Projector?

What is Interactive Projector

A projector that allows users to interact with the projected image using a stylus or their fingers is known as an interactive projector.

It projects an image onto a surface, such as a wall or whiteboard. It is a gadget that combines the capabilities of an interactive whiteboard with the qualities of a regular projector.

How Does An Interactive Projector Work?

What is Interactive Projector

An interactive projector tracks the position and movement of the user’s pen or fingers using infrared technology or laser sensors. It is interactive because the projector reacts in real time to the user’s input.

Types of Interactive Projectors

There are several types of interactive projectors. Here are the four most common options available in the market:

Ultra-short throw interactive projectors

What is Interactive Projector

These projectors can be placed very close to the projection surface, making them perfect for small rooms or classrooms. The projector also has an upward-facing camera that captures the user’s movements.

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Standard interactive projectors

These projectors can be mounted on the ceiling or placed on a tabletop and work by projecting an image onto a whiteboard or any surface. The projector comes with a stylus pen that acts as the input device.

Short-throw interactive projectors

What is Interactive Projector

These projectors are like the Standard interactive projectors, but they are designed to be placed closer to the screen, allowing more interactive space and eliminating shadows from the presenter.

Pen-enabled interactive projectors

These projectors come in a traditional format, but the difference is that they are pen-enabled. The pens come with buttons that allow you to perform a variety of functions like zooming in or out, scrolling, and accessing menus.

Benefits of Interactive Projectors

Interactive projectors offer several advantages over traditional projectors and whiteboards. Here are some of them:

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Enhanced engagement

Interactive projectors are much more engaging than traditional whiteboards and projectors. Users can interact with the screen, which makes the presentation interesting and engaging.


Interactive projectors can be used in various setups, including classrooms, boardrooms, and even home theatre systems.

Cost savings

Interactive projectors are relatively cheaper than other options like Interactive whiteboards, which require an additional projector or display device.Did you know : Why Are Projectors So Expensive

Increased Productivity

The learning and teaching process is improved through interactive projectors, which boosts productivity. Because multiple people can engage with the same surface simultaneously, brainstorming sessions and teamwork are improved.


Interactive projectors are a great option for those who want to take their presentations to the next level. They are versatile, engaging, and cost-effective. When used correctly, they can enhance a learning environment and boost productivity significantly.


Do I need a special surface for an interactive projector?

 No, you can use any surface like a whiteboard, a wall, or even a table to project the image.

How can I clean the surface of an interactive projector?

 You can use a microfiber cloth or a special cleaning solution to clean the surface.

What is the lifespan of an interactive projector?

Interactive projectors have a lifespan of up to 10 years on average.

Can I use an interactive projector outdoors?

Yes, you can use an interactive projector outdoors, but the brightness of the projector may get affected by sunlight.

Can I connect my laptop or PC to an interactive projector?

Yes, all interactive projectors have HDMI or VGA ports that you can use to connect your device.

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