How To Test Projector Lamp Is Bad

Projectors are a common device in any office or conference room. Be it a high-end model or a budget projector, both utilize projectors lamps to present images on the screen. However, with prolonged use, this lamp wears out and needs to be replaced once it breaks.

Unfortunately, identifying when a projector lamp is about to break can be difficult, with the advancement of technology helping this process become longer.

With that said, if your projector lamp has been working for quite some time, How To Test Projector Lamp Is Bad one of the easiest ways you can identify that your lamp needs replacement is by testing it firsthand! That’s why we have come up with some ways about How to test projector lamp is bad

What is BHL?

One of the most common questions we get from customers is what is BHL, and why is it so important? The acronym BHL is short for Brightness, Horizontal and Vertical, which is a measurement of light output by a projector.

The BHL measurement is industry standard and a metric to determine the light output of a projector. Understanding BHL is important when choosing a projector because the brightness of a projector will affect the size and brightness of the visuals it can produce.

What to do if you think your projector lamp is about to fail?

Before it actually fails, a projector lamp can give you warning signs that it might be about to give up. Some of these warning signs are: * A projector lamp that is starting to die will start to become dimmer and dimmer, even when new. It will look like it is on its last few minutes. * After the lamp has been continuously on for a while, it will start to flicker.

When this happens, the lamp is failing. * When the lamp is starting to die, it will start to project smaller and smaller pictures.  There are ways to extend the life of a projector lamp. Reading the manual that came with the projector is a good place to start. It will tell you what conditions are best for the projector lamp to work in.

 What is lamp life, and how to prolong it?

How To Test Projector Lamp Is Bad

Lamp life is the time period in which the lamp is capable of starting and operating continuously. The time period is expressed in hours or units.

Lumen and lamp life of an incandescent lamp are inversely proportional. Therefore, as the lamp life increases, the lamp lumen decreases. Lamp life is also known as L70, which means that at least 70% of the lamp output is available after the said hours of lamp life.

Why do LED projector lamps die so early?

There are many reasons behind the short life of the LED projector lamps. If a projector lamp is not manufactured well, the lamp may not work properly and last long. Another reason is improper use of the lamp.

In most cases, people switch off their projector when the cool down period is not complete and before the lamp cools down to its operational temperature. This can reduce the life of the lamp. Another reason is that, people use worn-out or damaged lamps.

Compatible lamps, on the other hand, are engineered to provide a longer life and optimum image quality, but they cost more than the generic lamps. For example, the compatible lamp for SONY LMP-C270 costs around $100.

How to measure a projector lamp’s lifespan?

You should check the owner’s manual of your projector to determine your lamp’s life expectancy. Usually, the lamp will last between 2,000 to 2,500 hours.

You need to take into consideration that it is not only the life span of the lamp, but also the deterioration of the lamp.

If you look at a lamp that is 20%, it may look just fine to your eyes, but even 20% degradation will affect the projected image and give you an entirely different result when compared to a new lamp. That is why in most cases, it is recommended to change the lamp before it is actually at 20%.

How to improve the lifespan of a projector lamp?

A projector lamp has a limited lifespan and when you notice the projector is not as bright as it used to be, it is time to replace the lamp. You can extend the lamp life by following these steps:

Make sure you are using the right projector lamp for your projector.

Use the projector lamp only when required. Make sure you don’t leave the light on for a long period of time.

Make sure the projector lamp is clean before you replace it.

What to look for in a projector lamp

How To Test Projector Lamp Is Bad

Projector lamps are an important component of your projector. If you have a projector with a bad lamp, you will have trouble displaying anything on your screen. You should always try to find a projector lamp that is compatible with your projector. That is, it should be the same brand and model as your existing lamp. You should always try to find a manufacturer that provides a warranty for their lamps.

You should also try to find one that has a high lumen rating. Why?

Because this will ensure you don’t burn through bulbs too quickly.

The higher the lumen rating, the brighter the image will be. You should also try to find a lamp that comes with one or more filters, as this can help protect the lamp.

 What to do when your projector lamp breaks?

If you have a spare projector lamp, you can consider easily replacing the lamp. If you don’t have one, the best way to get a replacement could be to contact the manufacturer and ask them to help you. If your projector is still under warranty, then you can have a new lamp for free. Otherwise, try to find a replacement from used parts or older models.

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