How To Connect Fire TV Stick To Projector? With & Without HDMI

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is one of the best ways to stream video content from your device to your TV. And with a bit of know-how, you can even connect the Fire TV stick to a projector, so you can turn any screen into an instant smart TV.

This blog will guide you How To Connect Fire TV Stick To Projector through connecting your Fire TV stick to a projector with and without an HDMI output.

What is Fire TV Stick?

How To Connect Fire TV Stick To Projector

Fire TV Stick is a media player that allows you to browse, stream and voice search just about anything on your TV using a remote control. Fire TV Stick is available on Amazon exclusively and offers you a wide range of over 7000 channels and apps, including the largest selection of channels, like Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, Watch ESPN, SHOWTIME, Prime Instant Video, CNN, NBC, Fox, Vimeo, and more.

You can connect to your other A/V equipment and watch everything from cable TV to Netflix in beautiful 1080p high definition. It offers you the freedom to enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies, music, photos, games, as well as popular apps like Facebook and YouTube, right on your TV.

Moreover, you can use Time Warner Cable to easily manage your home Wi-Fi network and enjoy all your favorite content wirelessly on the big screen with your Fire TV Stick.

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How Does The Fire Stick Work?

The Fire TV is a device that uses an Internet connection to stream movies and TV shows, and it can also be used for games and apps. The Fire Stick is a wireless media streaming device that can be plugged into the HDMI port on a TV to access a variety of content on demand.

It works through an application that is installed on a mobile device or in a computer, and it enables users to connect with video streaming services without buying extra hardware like a game console. The Fire TV is compatible with 4K Ultra HD, while the Fire Stick is not, and both devices support 1080p Full HD.

How do you connect Fire Stick To Projector? What cable do you need?

You need to use the AV cable to connect the projector with the fire stick. For connecting the fire stick (or any other device) to the projector, you need to use an HDMI cable.

The only thing you need to care about is the HDMI port of the Fire Stick. It should be HDMI 1.4 or above. Anything below 1.4 will be fine, but the picture quality will be poor. So make sure that the Fire Stick you are using is HDMI 1.4 or above.

What are the different methods of connecting Fire TV stick to projector?

Connecting Fire TV Stick to Projector is an easy process. All you need to do is follow these steps:

Method One – You can connect your Fire TV Stick to the Projector via an HDMI Cable. To do this, you need an HDMI cable, preferably a long one. It is also recommended that you use a high speed cable, with high quality connectors.

Method Two – You can also connect Fire TV Stick to Projectors which have a USB port. However, this method isn’t as good as the first one.

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Connecting Fire TV stick to projector using HDMI.

How To Connect Fire TV Stick To Projector

To connect the Fire TV stick to the projector, you need to use an adapter.

There are two adapters you can use:

  1. Miracast Adapters: Miracast adapters use Wi-Fi Direct mode to connect your Fire TV stick to a Wi-Fi enabled projector or TV. They are best suited for connecting across short distances.
  2.  HDMI Cables: HDMI cables are the best way to connect your Fire TV stick to a projector or TV that is further away.

Since the adapter is included in the Fire TV stick bundle, the process is pretty simple. Just plug the adapter into both the Fire TV stick and the power source, and start watching your favorite TV shows.

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Connecting Fire TV stick to projector without HDMI.

How To Connect Fire TV Stick To Projector

Connecting Fire TV stick to projector without HDMI cable is not a daunting task.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that the projector should be compatible with the Fire TV stick.

The second thing is that the projector should have an S-video port. You can easily connect the Fire TV Stick to a projector with an S-video port. The S-video cable, which comes with the Fire TV stick, will connect to the video port on the back of the projector.

A mini HDMI port is at the bottom of the Fire TV Stick, so another cable that is an HDMI to HDMI port can be used to connect the Fire TV Stick to the projector.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the projector should have an audio output, as the Fire TV Stick also comes with a mini HDMI port to connect it to an audio system.


So, How To Connect Fire TV Stick To Projector? By using an HDMI cable. The HDMI cable is a cable used for communication between two devices.

The Fire Stick and the projector both need to have HDMI ports in order for this to work. Long HDMI cables are recommended for this purpose, because you will not be sitting near your Fire Stick.


Can I use the Fire Stick with a portable projector?

Yes, you can use the Fire Stick with a portable projector, as long as the projector has an HDMI input or compatible alternative ports.

Can I use a wireless connection to connect the Fire Stick to my projector?

 While the Fire Stick requires a physical HDMI connection, you can use a wireless screen mirroring feature to display content from your device onto the Fire Stick and subsequently project it on the big screen.

Can I use the Fire Stick with a short throw projector?

Absolutely! The Fire Stick can be used with both short throw and long throw projectors, offering an immersive viewing experience.

Does the Fire Stick support 4K resolution when connected to a projector? Yes, if you have a Fire Stick model that supports 4K resolution, it will display content in 4K when connected to a compatible 4K projector.

Can I control the Fire Stick with my projector’s remote?

Generally, the Fire Stick requires its own dedicated remote for full functionality. However, some projectors with HDMI-CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) capabilities may allow basic control functions through their remote.

What projector works with Fire Stick?

The Fire Stick is compatible with most modern projectors that have an HDMI input. This includes various brands and models, ranging from budget-friendly options to high-end projectors.

However, it’s always a good idea to check the specifications of your projector to ensure it supports HDMI connectivity. If your projector doesn’t have an HDMI port, you can explore alternative ports, such as VGA or AV, and use the appropriate adapters to connect it to the Fire Stick.

How do I get my Fire Stick to play sound through my projector?

 If your projector has built-in speakers or audio output, it should automatically play the sound from the Fire Stick. However, if your projector doesn’t have speakers or you prefer better audio quality, there are a few solutions:

External Speakers: Connect external speakers to the projector using the audio output or Bluetooth, if available.

Audio Extractor: Consider using an HDMI audio extractor that splits the audio signal from the HDMI connection, allowing you to connect it to external speakers or a sound system.

Why won’t my Fire Stick connect to my projector?

Before we delve into the connection methods, it’s essential to address potential issues you might encounter. If your Fire Stick doesn’t connect to the projector, consider the following troubleshooting tips:

Ensure both the Fire Stick and the projector are powered on and set to the correct input source.

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