How To Connect a Chromecast to A Projector

Chromecast is a streaming device and has many uses. One place you might have seen Chromecast before is at the grocery store where they have a recipe list on their demo television with the recipe on your smartphone or tablet after showing it to the TV.

You can make that experience work even better by connecting your Chromecast to a projector, so you can make recipes in front of an entire group!

What is Chromecast?

How To Connect a Chromecast to A Projector

Google Chromecast is a small device that plugs into any HDTV and connects with Wi-Fi. This device will stream content from sources like Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Music, and more. Users can simply select from the app on their phone what content they want to watch on the TV and the Chromecast will automatically start streaming it.

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The Main Problem with Connecting a Chromecast to a Projector

The main problem is that both the projector and the Chromecast require HDMI. If you only have a VGA connection, you will have to find a converter for your cables.

How to Get Sound from a Chromecast to External Speakers

To get sound from your Chromecast to external speakers, you have a few options.

One option is that you can get an external speaker that has Bluetooth. You’ll then connect the wireless speakers to the Chromecast’s audio out and connect the speaker wirelessly.

Another option is to find a wireless speaker system like Google Play Audio.

There are two ways to get a video signal from your computer or laptop to an HDMI ready projector while using a chrome casts as the connection bridge between the source and destination device.

1) An HDMI Cable

2) Connect Your Laptop Via The Projector’s Active Display Port

You can hook up the audio from the Chromecast to external speakers by first plugging an audio out cable into the projector’s headphone jack, and then running a 3.5 mm audio cable from there to speakers on the wall or end of a desk. The wire usually has two plugs on it:

One is for sound in, and one is for sound out.

How to Set up an HDMI Kit with Your Projector

Connect the Chromecast to the HDMI input jack on your TV/Projector. Connect the HDMI cord from the cord to the HDMI input jack on your TV/Projector.

This can be done with a short HDMI cable that comes in handy if you want to connect a mobile device, like any iPhone or Android phone, to your TV or project close by The kit includes two male-to-male cords (one 10ft and one 3 ft) and one female-to-female cord which can be used for extension purposes if needed.

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Conclusion: How To Connect a Chromecast to A Projector

How To Connect a Chromecast to A Projector . To connect your Chromecast to a projector, all you need is an HDMI adapter. This can extend the micro-USB plug that would normally connect your Chromecast to your TV and instead create an HDMI port. This video will show you how easy it is.

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