Do Laser Projectors Need a Screen? (Or is a Wall Enough?)

So you’ve decided to pick up a new laser projector for your home entertainment room – congratulations! Now it’s time to choose the perfect projector screen to go with it. Do you actually need one, or is your wall enough?

Here’s our advice: if you can afford it, definitely pick up a projector screen. While you’ll be able to project your image on a bare wall, you’ll be hindering the overall performance of that awesome new projector that is capable of so much more.

You might have seen laser projectors around a lot of event venues lately but it’s not very clear if they need a screen. If the projector is of a high enough resolution, then it is possible to project on a wall itself.

So the question really is, do laser projectors need a screen? There has been quite a lot of debate about this topic of late, and so in this blog, we will take a look at both sides of the argument to see if we can find a clear answer.

How does a laser projector work?

A laser projector is a digital device that uses a coherent beam of light to project a picture of a computer screen on a screen such as a wall or screen. The laser used in the projector is produced by a laser source that produces the coherent beam of light.

The laser light source is the most important component in the laser projector, as it produces the coherent beam of light that produces the image.

The laser beam is then split by a diffraction grating into the three primary colors: red, blue and green. The three beams are then bent by a lens to create a uniform rectangular optical path.

The light then passes through a rotating color wheel to create the color image. The light then passes through a rotating color wheel to create the color image.

The three colored images are then projected through a lens combined with a mirror to create the image on the screen.

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Is a Wall Good Enough for a Laser Projector?

Do Laser Projectors Need a Screen

The short answer is yes, a wall is good enough for a laser projector. The long answer is more complicated. In theory, a wall totally obscures the lens of a projector, making it invisible from the point of view of the projector lens.

In practice, the aperture of the projector lens and the distance to the wall may cause the wall to act like a magnifying glass. In this case, the details of the wall will be visible in the projected picture.

This is why home theater projectors typically recommend against projecting onto a screen that is closer than eight feet. The details of the screen will be visible, even though the screen is opaque to the projector lens.(Short Throw vs. Long Throw Projectors)

Which is best between Screen VS wall for Laser projector

There is no clear consensus on which is better between screens and walls for laser projectors. Some experts believe that screens provide a better projection surface because they are specifically designed for that purpose.

They are usually made of a material that is Matte white and designed to diffuse the light from the projector evenly over the surface.

This results in a sharper image with less glare. Walls, on the other hand, are not always made of an ideal projection surface.

They can be made of a variety of materials that can affect the quality of the projection. In addition, the wall surface is often not as evenly lit as a screen, which can result in a less than optimal image.

Screen vs wall (Comparison)

Do Laser Projectors Need a Screen

There is a lot of confusion regarding the best place to install a projector. Some people tell you to install it on a screen and some others say to install it against a wall.

Well, the fact is that both have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you place your projector on a screen, you will have a better picture quality. However, if you don’t have a screen then you cannot enjoy the video.

If your projector is placed on a wall then you can enjoy the video even without a screen. But there is a problem with the quality of the picture.

In other words, the quality of the picture is good only if you install the projector on a screen. So, the only solution is to install your projector on a wall if you don’t have a screen.

What can laser projectors do that LED projectors can’t?

Laser projectors have a number of advantages over LED projectors. For one, they are much brighter, so they can be used in larger venues or for outdoor projections.

They also have a wider color gamut, so they can produce more vibrant colors. Additionally, laser projectors do not suffer from the “screen door” effect that can be visible on LED projectors, where the individual pixels are visible.

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Is a Sheet As Good as a Projector Screen?

Yes, for short term use. If you are looking for a short term solution to a presentation screen and all you need is a room divider, then a projection screen will work just fine.

It will give you the ability to have a screen to focus on and will help separate the people viewing the presentation from the presenter. Most importantly, you can set up and tear down the screen in minutes.


It was once the case that the best way to use a projector was in a darkened room with a large screen. But we don’t live in the days of film projectors anymore.

Now, modern laser projectors can give you the same high-quality picture from a variety of surfaces.

There are still a few applications where you’ll want to put something between your projector and the wall. But in most cases, you can project on a wall and get great results.

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