Different Types of Projectors

There are Different Types of Projectors in the market Whether it be an educational institute, auditorium, seminar hall, conference room, or office, digital projectors are certainly an indispensable part of each.

A projector is used to convey information in an easy-to-understand manner while conducting events like classroom lessons, conferences, meetings, seminars, and even for business presentations for infotainment at times.

The Beginnings of Digital projector

If you were born in the 70s or 80s, I am sure you remember the slideshows of your family during Christmastime. This technology gave way to the digital projector, and this is what we use today in conferences, classrooms and even hotel rooms. Projectors started as early as the 1800s, but the first one that actually used a digital image was produced in 1951.

A digital projector is a device similar to a computer’s video graphics controller which projects digital images or pictures created from a computer or other media.

A digital projector generally includes a light valve, but this is not always the case. The light valve is a light modulating device.

Before the digital age, most projectors and overhead projectors used analog light modulators (such as a rotating drum or disc) to display analog media. The main problems with these types of projectors were that they were analog and that the light modulator was mechanical.

The first digital projector was built by Texas Instruments as a retrofit kit for existing analog projectors. Texas Instruments introduced a stand-alone digital projector at the 1993 Society for Information Display (SID) Display Week. This DMD-based projector had a resolution of 832×624. This first digital projector was a commercial failure.

Evolution of Digital Projector

Digital projectors started in the 1990s, when they were invented by David Reiter of Kodak Corporation. Kodak’s digital projector used a charged coupled device (CCD) to capture images and a digital micro mirror device (DMD) to project them.

However, the tech was never commercialized and discontinued in 1997.  Shortly after Kodak’s tech was discontinued, Texas Instruments and Digital Projection created a digital projector tech, which was manufactured and sold. The tech came with a price tag of $100,000 and was only available to the government and military.

In 2010, Texas Instruments sold their tech to Christie Digital Systems, who released it to the public in 2012.  This tech was the first tech to use an LCD panel rather than a mirror. Digital projectors are now available at very low prices for home use.

Types of Digital Projector 

Different Types of Projectors

There are many types of digital projectors nowadays, with prices ranging from $300 to $5000. These projectors are commonly used in various business settings, classrooms, training sessions and even homes.

When planning to purchase a projector, you need to be well aware of the different types that you can choose from. The type of projector that you choose will depend on the specific use that you have in mind.

Usages of Digital Projector

Projectors are an important part of any school, college and each and every other educational and training institute. These projectors make it possible for the students and teachers to make use of various audio and video presentations.

Whether it be a Science lecture or a History class, projectors play a crucial role in making things easier to understand and can create an environment to make the students and teachers more motivated. It is very important for the teachers to use these projectors effectively and do away with the traditional black board style of teaching.

Projectors also help in making things easier to learn and also help the students to understand things in a better way. Hence, they are an important part of each and every educational and training institute and cannot be easily ignored.

Future of Digital Projectors

With the increasing use of digital projectors in business presentations, it is easy to forget the fact that digital projectors have been around for a while now.

Since their invention in the mid-1990s, they have been a part of many events and have revolutionized the way information is conveyed.

The future of these projectors is not in any doubt. In fact, they have been around for so long that they have been a part of a lot of future predictions.

A great example of that is in a 2001 issue of the IEEE Spectrum in which the author predicted that in the future, in a world with a lot of 3D television, we would have a lot of 2D projectors.

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